There are many ways a regular homeowner can take care of the plants and bushes in their lawn. Regular watering and trimming of plants will go a long way. Trimming and removing of unsightly weeds will also be good for your plants.

But how can we maintain and take care of something bigger in our garden, such as trees?

Due to their height, solid trunks, and hard branches, maintaining a tree isn’t an easy job. This is why it is ideal to leave all tree-maintenance responsibilities on the hands of the experts. If you are not particularly skilled in tree maintenance, you might just hurt the tree or worse, hurt yourself.

Tree topping is one of the most popular maintenance techniques used by arborists or tree experts to take care of trees.

There are some people who are against tree topping claiming that it hurts the tree itself. Well, this could be true – but only if the person doing the tree topping doesn’t know what they’re doing. Tree topping calls for specific skills to be done right.

The primary reason for tree topping is to reduce the tree height and cut off tree branches in order to minimize the possible damage a tree might suffer during a storm. Since the top of the tree is where leaves and branches are most abundant, it is cut off to prevent the strong winds from blowing it off and possibly damaging properties and harming people.

Another benefit of tree topping is that also decreases the risk of trees falling and getting entangled in electrical wires. Strong gusts of wind can cause some trees to sway violently and fall on roofs, vehicles, or people.

Tree topping, when done properly, can even make the garden look more beautiful. That is why it is really important that only experienced individuals do the job for they can cut the parts of trees without sacrificing its beauty.