Just like almost any other plant, trees need to be watered regularly, too, for them to grow strong and healthy.

While basic science has taught us all before that we need to water plants regularly, how often is ‘regularly’?

The thing is, when it comes to watering trees, there is no set standard as to how frequently it should be done. The need to water a tree would depend on its species, the climate in the area you have planted it, and the age of the tree.

But, of course, you still have to water your trees if you want to keep them alive. To help you out, here are some tips followed by numerous expert gardeners as a main rule in watering the trees in their garden:

1. Water your tree right after it is planted. Don’t waste any time and water your tree immediately after you have planted it. Newly-planted trees need more water than older trees.

2. Water trees that are 2 to 3 years old twice a week. Young trees need to be watered twice a week – nothing more and nothing less. If you water the young trees fewer than twice a week, it may die due to lack of water, and, if you water your young trees excessively, it may deteriorate faster because of early decay.

3. Water older trees once a week. If young trees need to be watered two times a week, trees that are more mature need to be watered just once a week. Anything more than that could cause the roots to rot. Keep in mind that some trees might need more or less watering, depending on the circumstances. To find out if your tree needs watering, dig the soil around it to see it if is moist. If the soil is soggy, that means that the tree still has more than enough water. Wait for a day and check again.